Using one mould for manufacturing concrete products in different sizes

Toyota Kohki Co., Ltd., Tokio, 183-0035 Japan

Japan has a great variety of precast concrete products which is indispensable for civil engineering and construction work. Obviously, the concrete strength, function and also ideas of concrete products have to be modified specifically in accordance with their intended use and usage environment which that annoys the precast concrete maker. It must be avoided to buy a new mould just for the purpose of some little change on products dimension and shape. Therefore, it will be a great advantage to have a mould with adjustable function which capable to produce products in various sizes with the mould itself. Also, since the market has changed from “large quantity small variety” to “small quantity large variety”, it is important to meet their needs quick- ly at low cost. In this issue some types and methods of adjustable moulds of Toyotaforms will be introduced.

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