Preca trusts Spanish technology to supply large part of prefabricated concrete in India

Prensoland SA, 08592 Sant Martí de Centelles, Barcelona, Spain

Prensoland SA was founded in 1959, and soon emerged as one of the leading worldwide manufacturers of machinery for the concrete indus- try, in particular for the precast / prefabricated concrete activity. The company currently has offices around the world and operates in all con- tinents, providing high value-added and innovative solutions for the construction sector. Prensoland offers a global solution to its customers: consultation and installation planning, as well as implementation, maintenance and training of workers.

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Prensoland SA C/ Indústria, 5-9 08592 Sant Martí de Centelles, Barcelona, Spain T +34 93844 0125 F +34 93844 1011 Preca Solutions India Pvt.Ltd Plot # 6, D.No. 2-9/5/6, Venkat Sai Gateway, Green Land Colony Gachibowli, Hyderabad, 500 032. AP T +91-40-23000664 F +91-40-23000669


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