The concrete construction scenario in India

An overview of history and future

India’s construction capabilities are traceable to 5,000 years back, when the Mohenjodaro and Harappa civilizations existed in the Indus Valley. One of the chief construction activities during this period was that of town planning, featuring well defined drainage and sanitation facilities. Mud or lime were the cementing materials used at that time. The ancient temples of India, some of which are 2000 years old, are a testimony to the advanced construction technology which was prevalent in those days. India also saw the construction of majestic palaces and robust forts during the Mogul Period which even today are a joy to look at. Modern India is witnessing world class construction in all aspects of civil engineering. Let it be dams, barrages, thermal or nuclear power stations, expressways, bridges, mass transport systems, marine works, high-rise buildings, residential, commercial or software complexes.

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