Ipsonas implements new stone manufacturing machine in Cyprus

Masa AG, 56626 Andernach, Germany

The company Ipsonas Prefabricated Concrete Products implemented a new stone manufacturing machine, MASA AG in 2005 in Cyprus. Ipsonas is one of the leading companies in Cyprus which manufacture pre-fab concrete blocks and is involved in all major construction projects in Cyprus. The founder of the company, Andreas Papadopoulus who has a diploma in engineering realised the advantages of construction using prefab concrete blocks for infrastructure at a early stage. The company also manufactures concrete and steel concrete pipes in addition to concrete and block stones.

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MASA AG Masa-Straße 2 56626 Andernach, GERMANY T +49 2632 92920 F +49 2632 929211 info@masa-ag.com www.masa-ag.de IPSONAS Ltd. Prefabricated Concrete Products PO Box 23660 2083 Nicosia, CYPRUS T +357 2 2757520 F +357 2 2753742 tektana@spidernet.com.cy


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