BAMTEC – winner of the 2005 GermanMaterial Efficiency Prize

Häussler Planung GmbH, 87435 Kempten, Germany

The 2005 German Material Efficiency Prize is awarded by the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. The prize is awarded to small and medium-sized enterprises that have used innovative ways of making significant contributions to the cost-effective improvement of the material efficiency of their own companies or that of their customers. The prize is worth € 10,000. In 2005 the award went to Häussler Planung GmbH, an engineering bureau that designs loadbearing structures in Kempten, Allgäu, who have already received several awards at the international level for BAMTEC, a product that they invented themselves and continue to develop.

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Häussler Planung GmbH Mozartstr. 12 87435 Kempten, GERMANY T +49 831 5217311 F +49 831 24437


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