Besser European Headquarters hostsOpen House to honor customers andshowcase capabilities

Besser GmbH, 26723 Emden, Germany

On Thursday, 1 June, 2006, nearly 100 Besser GmbH/OMAG customers joined Besser staff for an Open House at the Besser European Headquarters in Emden, Germany. The occasion marked the second anniversary of Besser GmbH, which opened its doors for this celebration to thank customers and showcase the company’s progress. OMAG was an important acquisition for Besser Company both because it brought the addition of large pallet concrete products machines to the Besser equipment lineup, and also because it added the talented people of OMAG to the Besser team.

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Besser GmbH European Headquarters Westfalenstr. 2 26723 Emden, GERMANY T +49 4921 8050 F +49 4921 805401


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