Silica Fume Concrete in India:Projects, Performance and Economics

Concrete boom in India

About 10 years ago the perception existed in India that it was impossible to produce silica fume concrete with compressive strengths of 50 MPa. Nowadays silica fume concrete in India is achieving whatever strength is required – from 40 MPa right up to 100 MPa, and the first ever project where a precast strength of 75 MPa at 28 days was specified, has now been completed. Not only is it possible to achieve these strengths, but also new levels of durability, with significantly improved chloride and sulphate resistance. Water penetration values so low that the concrete could be called impermeable. This paper looks at a number of projects, both completed and underway, where the emphasis has been on durability: strength, abrasion resistance, water impermeability, resistance to chloride and sulfate, and other performance criteria.

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