Fly ash sales growth positive againin 2004 despite weak economic situationin the construction in

Bundesverband Kraftwerksnebenprodukte e.V., 40547 Düsseldorf, Germany

According to the latest surveys conducted by the BVK Bundesverband Kraftwerksnebenprodukte e. V [Federal Association for Power Station By-products], a total of around 4.1 million tonnes hard coal fly ash was sold in 2004, representing another increase of about 3.85 % over the 3.9 million tonnes sold the previous year. With 250,000 tonnes (plus 5.5 %) going into the construction of roads and foundations, and 787,000 tonnes (plus 37 %) to the mining indus-try or for dry construction materials, there were some substantial increases compared to the year before.

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