Ecological and sustainable ready-mix concrete production plant

Marcantonini s.r.l., Via Perugia 101 06080 Passaggio di Bettona (PG), Italy

Marcantonini S.r.l. company from Italy is a worldwide manufacturer in the field of concrete batching plants and transport systems for ready mix and precast producers. Marcantonini S.r.l. strives to provide its worldwide clients with the best possible technology and innovation that can be applied to the science of concrete by means of advanced production through ecological and sustainable plants. During the 2012 year, the Mexican associate of Buzzi Unicem, Concretos Moctezuma, witnessed the construction of one of the largest, most modern ready-mix concrete production plant in the country. The new plant will strengthen Concretos Moctezuma's position in the market and extend its operating range within the huge urban sprawl of Mexico City.

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Marcantonini s.r.l. Via Perugia 101 06080 Passaggio di Bettona (PG), Italy T +39 075 988551 F +39 075 9885533 Buzzi Unicem SpA Via Luigi Buzzi, 6 15033 Casale Monferrato (AL), Italy T +39 0142 416111 F +39 0142 416464 orporación Moctezuma Monte Elbruz #134 PH Col. Lomas de Chapultepec Mexico City 11000, Mexico T +52 55 52795900 F +52 55 52800849 MCT Group 1836 Resistol Drive Reno, Nevada 89521, USA T +1 775 313 0708 Marcantonini Do Brasil LTD Rua Vitorino José Luiz n.495 Forquilinhas Galpão Industrial N.7 88106-516 São José – SC, Brazil T + 55 48 32595437


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