Application of high strength prestressingstrands in precast beams made withself-compacting concr

Proposals for the design of prestressed SCC beams

The applicability of self-compacting concrete (SCC) for the production of precast, prestressed beams is investigated. At the same time, the use of high strength steel prestressing strands (2160 N/mm2) in combination with traditional concrete (TC) and SCC is examined. In a first test-series, the material properties of the concrete are determined. Among these tests are compression tests, shrinkage and creep measurements, determination of moduli of elasticity etc. In a second test-series, 4 beams of 12 m length are tested up to failure in a fourpoint bending test. For these beams, two kinds of concrete (SCC and TC) and two kinds of prestressing strands (1/2” seven-wire strands, 1,860 N/mm2 and 2,160 N/mm2) are used. During the tests, concrete deformations and vertical displacements are followed manually as well as electronically.

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