New revolutionary fully automated ageing system for split masonry blocks and Split Retaining Walls (

KBH Baustoffwerke Gebhart & Söhne GmbH & Co. KG, 87760 Lachen, Germany

Split concrete blocks have been popular for a long time in gardening and landscaping design in English-speaking countries, such as North America, Great Britain, and Australia, but also in Scandinavia. In more recent times, the quantities of aged split blocks processed in Continental Europe and other countries of the world have also been increasing. The machine technology employed is a combination of a split- ting plant in conjunction with an ageing drum. Irregular broken edges with scuff marks and scratches on the split surfaces are the resultant processed appearance of the blocks. Once a wall has been constructed with these split blocks, it looks as if it has a “natural appearance” due to these irregular broken edges and the light traces of its processing on the split surfaces.

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