Optimizing the Production of Precast Concrete Elements in Poland

C.G.M. S.r.l., 48022 Lugo (RA), Italy

Prima-Bud (PRIMA-BUD Sandomierz, Skalbmierz, Poland) is a leading manufacturer of precast elements for telephone lines. In December 2012, the company has brought its production process to date and diversified its products range by acquiring a new CGM vibrating demould- ing machine (TC2H1300 model). This machine joins two other CGM vibrating demoulding machines TC1 model (which both entered the pro- duction line of the company in 2012 - the first one in April, the second one in August - for manufacturing precast concrete elements). Together, these investments has enabled Prima-Bud to optimize and increase the capacity of its production line, allowing a significant increase in pro- ductivity and improving the quality of its products, also with a very reduced quantity of manpower.

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