Tunnel liner production for the metro in Warsaw

From planning to project performance

The construction of the central section of the 2nd underground railway line in Warsaw is one of the biggest and most highly anticipated infra- structure projects in Poland’s capital. The tunnel coming into being under the Vistula will connect the urban areas of Warsaw lying to the right and left of the river and have a positive effect on traffic in the city. This investment comprises the construction of seven stations, a joint station for the crossover between metro lines 1 and 2, a connecting sec- tion for the two lines and two bays for reversing. Each of the stations is connected to the others by means of a tunnel created by a tunnel bor- ing machine. The overall length of the distance under construction is 6.1 km. It is formed by two tunnel sections each with an inner diameter of 540 cm. These tunnels are brought into being by four tunnel boring machines, whose cutter wheels have an external diameter of 630 cm. The project envisages the installation of 495,000 m3 ready mix concrete and approximately 51,000 m3 precast for the tunnel liners.

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