Expansion of production facility with new concrete block making machine in Poland

Techmatik SA, 26 - 610 Radom, Poland

Czamaninek is a small village located in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie province. Within this region, a big production plant is situated – a family- owned company P.M.B. Czamaninek. Its story began in 1991 when the owner – Czesław Sadowski started trading in building materials and materials used in the agricultural production industry. In 2004, P.M.B. Czamaninek opened a new chapter in its history - the company changed its profile and turned from trading to manufacturing small masonry units and slab elements from clay pebbles. Last year, in order to refresh its machinery stock, the company purchased new, innovative machines and equipment from Techmatik.

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TECHMATIK SA ul. Żółkiewskiego 131 / 133 26 - 610 Radom, Poland T+48483690800 F+48483690801 techmatik@techmatik.pl www.techmatik.pl CZAMANINEK Czamaninek 2 87-875 Topólka, Poland woj. kujawsko-pomorskie T +48 54 286 9444 F +48 54 286 9018 www.czamaninek.pl


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