Split a block and give it an antique finish simultaneously

Techno Split S.r.l., 38050 Ospedaletto (Trento), Italy

Techno Split Srl was founded in North Italy in 1996 thanks to the thirty years of experience of its founder, Francesco Boscardin, who has always worked in the design and construction of machines for splitting blocks of concrete and natural stone. Techno Split offers solutions developed ad hoc according to the specific requirements of the customer who, considering the economic crisis, is asking more and more often for a less expensive splitting system but without overlooking the total quality that has enabled the company to acquire worldwide acclaim as a reliable and competent partner. This led to the latest generation of splitting lines which allow the customer to turn the block easily and quickly in a single work cycle so that it can be processed on all 4 surfaces.

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Techno Split S.r.l. Via Barricata, 12b 38050 Ospedaletto (Trento), Italy T +39 0461 770027 F +39 0461 770026 info@technosplit.com www.technosplit.com


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