Production planning and management for a sustainable development of the Brazilian precast industry

Nemetschek do Brasil Software Ltda, CEP 05711-001 São Paulo - SP, Brasil

The precast concrete industry presents solid growth in Brazil and around the world. Quality, productivity, cost efficiency, value management from project initiation to completion, independent of weather conditions for construction, etc. are just some of the advantages of precast con- crete over traditional construction methods. However, currently the precast concrete industry faces some specific challenges: how to reduce costs and materials? How to program machines directly from a 3D model? How to ensure an efficient use of production machines? And how to ensure the traceability of an ele- ment from the design stage, production and transportation to its assembly? All these processes – planning, production, construction management and many others – need to be merged into one functional unit, homo- geneous and effective. Nemetschek software solutions for the production of precast concrete are fully dedicated to answer these questions.

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