BIBM – the International Bureau forPrecast Concrete on course for the future

Associations: Togetherstrong – on their own, overburdened

In times when budgets are small, companies frequently save money by generally reducing their activities on the industrial scene. Among those to suffer today are the associations, particularly in this industry. However, as with many companies, problems are to some extent frequently “homemade” because they neglect to prepare for bad times during the good times. And when things are going less well, they are even more inclined to save money in this area with the result that things get worse and a vicious circle is set up from which it is very difficult to escape. Rupert Kroemer, President of International Concrete Editors Association, held an interview on behalf of CPI in Brussels with Eddy Dano, the Secretary-General of the International Bureau for Precast Concrete (BIBM).

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