Shall the precast concrete industry be resource efficient even if its raw materials are locally ava

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Concrete is the most used material in the world after water. One of the reasons for its success is the local availability of raw materials (gravel, sand and also limestone, the main cement constituent), that allows the manufacturing and transport of concrete in an economic way. Differently from steel, timber and plastics, which may be transported for thousands of kilometres, concrete is usually locally manufactured and sold, with resulting benefits for the local economy and lowered environmental transportation burden. But is the availability of resources a reason enough not to care about their use? The answer is definitely no. The resources of our planet must be preserved by their responsible use. The most evident case is water: even though water is widely available, it takes a lot of efforts to preserve its good quality and increase drinking water coverage around the globe. Its conservation is indeed a key element for the welfare of our planet.

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