Segment production facility and 100,000 segments for STEP project in Abu Dhabi

Herrenknecht Formwork Technology GmbH, 77963 Schwanau, Germany

One of the most comprehensive infrastructure programmes in the Gulf region is Abu Dhabi’s Strategic Tunnel Extension Program, or STEP. A total of 84 km of tunnel will be built there in the next few years alone for the extension of the sewerage network. Herrenknecht Formwork Technology GmbH planned and commissioned the segment production facility for the production of 100,000 segments, and delivered 162 formworks. In order to achieve this, people, equipment and material had to overcome extreme conditions, such as temperatures in excess of 50 degrees, an extremely salty environment and a high level of humidity. Fourteen Herrenknecht AG tunnel boring machines are excavating some 70 kilometres of tunnels.

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