Installation of a new splittingsystem in the Middle East

Techno Split s.r.l., 38050 Ospedaletto (TN), Italy

Techno Split, a Trento-based company, is specialized in the supply of block working systems. The company’s latest international project was brought to completion in Dubai, one of the richest areas of the Middle East, where the client’s output potential was more than doubled in around four months through the installation of a new splitting system. The client required a modular solution because he’d just received a big order and had to increase capacity accordingly; if activity continues, the new machine is already designed for an upgrade (the instal - lation of automatic grippers) that will double production once again while reducing the manpower required for operation at the same time.

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Techno Split s.r.l. Via Barricata 12/ B 38050 Ospedaletto (TN), Italy T +39 0461 770027 F +39 0461 770026


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