Exposed Retaining Wall in India

Texture Finish by using Formliner

This paper is about the Reckli finish exposed retaining wall at the Sabarmati riverfront located at Ahmedabad, Gujarat-India. This paper concerns the technology used for a 9 m high exposed retaining wall with a texture finish outer face using the well-known Reckli formliner; and all details covering the equipment, type of formwork, methodology, mix and safety measures. Today, this project is in operation and has drawn the attention of the world with its aesthetic design, creating a new location for public amenities at the riverfront. Not only does it add an aesthetic element to the city; it also helps to protect the low lying area of the city from the floods that used to pose a problem during the monsoon season. This 9 m high wall on both sides of the riverfront over a stretch of 10.4 m acts as a barrier against the high water level during the monsoon and also provides a marvellous walking area for the public, adding a new dimension to the commercialisation of public amenities, making them sustainable in every aspect.

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