Four truck-mounted concrete pumps are in use at one of the world's largest construction sites

Schwing GmbH, 44647 Herne, Germany

With a frequency of about 14,000 ships every year, the Panama Canal is one of the most important waterways in the world. On both the Atlantic and Pacific sides, the existing locks are being extended to include three new locks, each with three water saving basins per chamber. The chambers span a width of 55 m, a length of 427 m and a depth of up to 18.30 m and are thus almost twice as large as the old ones. In addition, the navigation channels in the Gatun Lake are to be deepened and broadened. This will mean that in future ships of the post-Panamax class, ocean liners of up to 366 metres length and 49 metres beam will be able to navigate this waterway.

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