Wayss & Freytag relies on the same supplier for the second cage welding machine

apilion machines + service GmbH, 77694 Kehl am Rhein, Germany

In October 2012, the construction company Wayss & Freytag placed an order with apilion machines + services GmbH for a further reinforcement cage welding machine for the production of precast concrete jacking pipes. This was a repeat order of a welding machine delivered in May of the same year and was confirmation of the confidence that the Wayss & Freytag management has in the capabilities of apilion, a successor of the engineering company which originally formed part of the Züblin construction company. The machine was even delivered and put into operation considerably in advance of the scheduled delivery date. This is further evidence that apilion continues in an impressive manner to uphold the long tradition of Züblin to deliver innovative, tailor-made special machines for the implementation of major projects.

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