Optimisation of reliability with UHPC compression members

Filigree load-bearing structures

Developments in concrete technology nowadays allow ultra high performance concretes (UHPC) to be manufactured faultlessly with compressive strengths of more than 150 N/mm². Although UHPCs exhibit comparatively better material properties than normal strength and high strength concretes, this development can lead to a decline in the reliability of a construction component’s load-bearing structure under certain marginal conditions. It can then no longer meet the level of reliability stipulated in standards and thus society’s safety requirements. Knowledge concerning the reliability of load-bearing structures with innovative support systems made from UHPC is therefore absolutely essential. This high-performance construction material enables applications to be implemented for which insufficient expertise is available in construction practice. The experience gained with normal strength and high strength concrete cannot just simply be transferred to UHPC. A precise analysis of load-bearing structure reliability is of great importance with these types of systems.

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