85th Company Anniversary

Cifa SpA, 20030 Senago (Mi), Italy

In September 2013, Cifa had two good reasons for celebration: the 85th anniversary of the company’s establishment and its 5-year merger with Zoomlion group. At this event, the long history of the company was celebrated in an appropriate fashion. On the occasion, Cifa also presented the initial steps taken and the results obtained by means of strategic plan promoted together with Zoomlion. It started about one year ago with Cifa targeting its brand repositioning at higher market technology and quality levels and the promotion of the Zoomlion brand with the double brand strategy in the international markets of concrete machinery

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CIFA SpA Via Stati Uniti d'America 26 20030 Senago (Mi), Italy T +39 02 990131, F+39 02 9981157 cifa@cifa.com, www.cifa.com www.zoomlion-emena.com


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