Mobile residual concrete recycling plant in operation in Berlin

Bibko Umwelttechnik & Beratung GmbH, 71717 Beilstein, Germany

Spenner Zement from Erwitte is a medium-size enterprise with numerous sites in Germany and has been manufacturing cement for three generations. Spenner Zement also branched out into the field of ready-mix concrete in 1997. A mobile recycling unit from the Bibko company of Beilstein, Germany is now in operation for the residual concrete produced by the ready-mix concrete plant in Berlin-Spandau. Bibko is one of the leading suppliers in this field with more than 1 450 recycling systems in use worldwide.

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Bibko Umwelttechnik & Beratung GmbH Steinbeisstraße 1-2 71717 Beilstein, Germany T +49 7062 92640 F +49 7062 926440


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