New automatic setting time tester for cement, mortar and gypsum

Controls s.r.l., 20063 Cernusco s/N., Italy

Controls has long tradition in designing and manufacturing automatic setting time testers. A new generation, the third one, is now available. The new machine has been completely redesigned following the innovative CVi-Tech philosophy built on 4 key principles: Efficient Technology, Intuitive and Smart Software, Functional & Industrial Design, Modular Expandability.

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Controls s.r.l. Via Aosta, 6 20063 Cernusco s/N. (Mi), Italy T +39 2921841 F +39 292103333


25.06.2024 - 27.06.2024
06.08.2024 - 08.08.2024
14.08.2024 - 16.08.2024