Extensive modernisation of the tower mixing plant in Russian precast concrete plant

Wiggert & Co. GmbH, 76227 Karlsruhe, Germany

Extensive modernisation and expansion work was carried out last year at the OOO Domostroitelny Kombinat precast concrete plant in Nabereshnye Chelny (Russian constituent republic of Tatarstan). The company invested in a completely new Ebawe pallet circulation plant including shuttering robot and new battery moulds for the manufacture of precast concrete walls. A fully automatic mesh welding plant from Progress was integrated into the production facility for the flexible and complex manufacturing of the necessary reinforcements. In order to be able to supply this modern, high-performance precast concrete element production facility with concrete in high quality and in sufficient quantities, the existing tower plant including concrete mixers was converted and modernised. The Wiggert company was gained as a partner for the supply and installation of the new concrete mixers. Within a few months the aged mixing tower was brought up to the latest standard and concrete production was able to commence on time.

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