The German Institute of Structural Engineering (DIBT) awards approval of a new lining for …

Schlüsselbauer Technology GmbH & Co KG, 4673 Gaspoltshofen, Austria

… wastewater pipe. Test results show “reliable corrosion protection in composite concrete-plastic pipe on the test bench.” Several renown German test institutes have recently been involved in testing individual components of Schlüsselbauer Technology’s new Perfect Pipe system and the system as a whole. The ultimate goal of, the institutes was to test whether or not Perfect Pipe, an innovative composite concrete-plastic pipe, is suitable for the wastewater industry. Even during the early stages of product development, tests were done to optimize the production system, and the results of these tests were used, in part, as a basis for approval by the German Institute of Structural Engineering. Throughout the testing stages, both the chemical and physical suitability of Schlüsselbauer’s Perfect Pipe needed to be proven in all relevant aspects, since the pipe and its connection to the HDPE liner had not previously been granted approval. And since the strong and permanent connection of the two materials is what ultimately constitutes the essential characteristics of Perfect Pipe, in addition to its durable corrosion resistance and high static load capacity, the connection of the liner to the concrete pipe was deemed especially worthy of observation and testing.

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