ICCX Russia 2013 breaks all records

Event in St. Petersburg was a complete success

There was already a very optimistic prevailing mood when the 9th ICCX Russia in St. Petersburg opened with the traditional technical courses on 3 December 2013. The event promised from the very outset to be a complete success. However, even the organisers were surprised by the very positive conclusion drawn on 6th December, the last day of the event. The ICCX Russia 2013 was an event of superlatives. With well over 1,100 participants the previous year’s result of 950 participants was topped by a significant margin. The packed corridors in the accompanying trade exhibition and the well-attended technical conference speak for themselves. The ICCX Russia has established itself as an annual leading event and has become a fixture in the calendar for the concrete industry in Russia and the neighbouring countries.

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