Permanent traceability for production boards with integrated RFID transponders

Tecboard GmbH, 57074 Siegen, Germany

Tecboard GmbH from Siegen, Germany, has held international patents for their eponymous Tecboard composite production boards since 2010. Now, for the first time, they have been supplied to a German customer with integrated RFID transponders. The RFID transponders were glued into the internal honeycomb structure of these composite production boards during their manufacturing. According to information from the manufacturer, the design allows the RFID transponder to remain securely embedded in a production board for its operational life. Tecboard promises permanent functionality with production board mapping in the manufacturing process. The production boards are manufactured in Schüttorf by a partner company of Georg Utz GmbH, a business operating at an international level with 9 production sites in Central Europe, Russia, China and USA.

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