Production of high-quality concrete products at Clôtures Nicolas in France

Applications of self-compacting HPC

When talking about concrete fences, features such as first-class, fair-faced concrete quality, durable surface structure, filigree design and a concrete compressive strength of 120 N/mm² rarely apply. This is not the case with Clôtures Nicolas, because it is precisely these features that characterize their day-to-day business. In Rosoy-en-Multien, about 50 km north of Paris, concrete fences and concrete base plates are produced which are in a class of their own. For the production of high-quality products, self-compacting, plastic fibre-reinforced, high-performance concrete (HPC) is required in order to achieve the aforementioned properties unerringly.

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Clôtures Nicolas SAS 42 Grand Rue, 60620 Rosoy en Multien, France T +33 344872156, F +33 344872017, Clôtures Nicolas Verbindungsbüro Deutschland Fabrik Sonntag 4B, 79183 Waldkirch, Germany T +49 7681 4937819, F +49 7681 4740889


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