Comines Steel puts second machining station for the production of individual wire …

progress Maschinen & Automation AG, 39042 Brixen, Italy

… mesh reinforcements into operation Betonwerk Cobefa NV is based in Comines, close to the French border. The company’s core business is the manufacture of precast concrete elements for the agricultural economy. These include all precast concrete elements required for the building of stables for pig and cattle breeding. The products are almost all manufactured with reinforcements. In order to be able to cover the high requirement for reinforcements more efficiently and more economically, the Comines Steel company was established together with Bulcke, a construction company specialising in agricultural buildings and also having a very high requirement for tailor-made reinforcements, and a fully-automatic mesh production plant with a straightening and cutting machine was acquired. In summer 2013 a second machining centre for individual reinforc­ing steel meshes was put into production. As with the first plant in 2009 the progress company once again supplied a tailor-made solution in accordance with the customer’s wishes.

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