New ULV Spray Unit

Mantis ULV-Sprühgeräte GmbH, 21502 Geesthacht, Germany

At Stand no. 72 during the “Betontage” in February 2014 in Neu-Ulm, Mantis ULV-Sprühgeräte GmbH will launch a new BEMA ULV spray unit for applying release agents. This enlarges the possibilities of applying ULV spraying technology with a hand-held unit quite significantly. The new BEMA 10000 differs from existing BEMA hand units in several aspects. It has a bigger tank, which is carried like a rucksack and holds 10 litres, so that it does not need to be refilled often even with larger surfaces and frequent utilisation. The release agent is conveyed to the jet with the aid of a pump, as opposed to the force of gravity with the current models. It means that the jet can be held higher than the release agent tank. This now enables the edges of moulds or other vertical areas to be sprayed without restriction. The jet can also be turned sideways so that vertical surfaces can be sprayed without having to turn the whole unit.

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