Flexibility is crucial in the production of precast concrete parts

Vollert Anlagenbau GmbH, 74189 Weinsberg, Germany

The demand for high-quality precast concrete parts in Russia is considerable and is closely linked to the transition towards more modern and energyefficient construction methods. The top priority for Alexander Seifert, owner of the ZhBl 1 precast concrete parts factory in the major city of Tscheljabinsk, is therefore to modernize his production facilities. This is an enormous task. ZhBl 1 is the largest concrete factory in the region and has been manufacturing a wide range of precast concrete parts since the 1950s. Together with Vollert, therefore, a plant concept for the existing halls was developed which can be automated further still in successive stages. Consequently, production is flexible and ready to respond to future trends. The shuttering pallets are manufactured and supplied by the shuttering specialist Nuspl.

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