Cutting-edge modernisations for the optimisation of traditional precast plants

B.T. innovation GmbH, 39116 Magdeburg, Germany Cutting-edge modernisations for the optimisation of traditional precast plants

By its own account the Streibl company from Dorfen near Munich has a passion for working with the versatile building material concrete. The range of products of the precast plant and concrete testing station from Dorfen points to the extensive possibilities that concrete offers in general and in particular in the form of precast elements. “Our strengths lie in the industry-relevant segments of public building, for instance in the construction of high-performance hall systems for commerce and agriculture, in residential construction with the manufacture of precast stair and façade elements and in garden and landscape construction. In the special precast element sector we concentrate, with sustained success, on the manufacture of delicate concrete elements such as concrete furniture and even works of art”, says Diplom-Bauingenieur (FH) Rudolf Streibl. He is the second-generation head of the family company, which has been active on the market for fifty years, and continues to develop it. Being innovative in an industry that often demands the tried-and-tested is a challenge in terms of building technology.

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