Automated splitting line for concrete products in Russia

MEC srl, 38050 Scurelle TN, Italy

MEC is one of the leading companies in the field of design, construction and installation of automated splitting plants for concrete products and has its entire production in Italy. Concrete splitting came as a natural step in the evolution of MEC. Founded 18 years ago, MEC is a company specialized in the design and production of stone splitting machines. Starting with manual stone splitting, MEC soon realized that automation was the way of the future and quickly distinguished itself in the global market due to its capacity to personalize and automate entire stone splitting plants. Armed with this experience in automation and with the shifts in the stone splitting field, today MEC is an ideal partner for companies in the concrete sector looking to produce the so-called "split-face" concrete products.

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MEC srl Località Lagarine 4, 38050 Scurelle TN, Italy T +39 0461 780166, F +39 0461 780164,


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