Villas to Go – Total Precast

Unicon System and Consulting, H-Bau Technik GmbH, 79771 Klettgau-Erzingen, Germany

After the construction of several reference objects in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the Unicon fast-track building system for precast concrete components will now also be employed in constructing villa projects in Saudi Arabia. A joint venture between a large Dubai based precaster and investors in Saudi Arabia has been recently formed for this purpose. This joint venture will undertake the buildings’ planning from the first stoke on paper. This is the prerequisite for creating optimum precast structures with maximum savings on costs. “Construct in record time and move in” is the order of the day for Unicon in the Gulf Region. But the Unicon master plan goes still further and more international. The Unicon team aims to systematically support various large-sized residential projects all over the world using the Unicon team’s expertise. Therefore they look for new partnerships with potential investors, developers and construction companies in other fast growing regions as well. This has also made possible a patented mobile Unicon field factory which has been developed to use the Unicon connectors and to provide industrial housing construction directly on site at considerably lower prices. “Total Precast” could clearly be the way forward as the Unicon Pilot Project in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, demonstrates impressively.

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