Prediction of Modulus of Elasticity of High-Strength Concrete with Considerations for Precast …

Development of empirical equations

… Applications The objective of this paper is to develop empirical equations for predicting the in-situ modulus of elasticity of high-strength concrete (HSC) in precast structural components and structures by means of the in-situ concrete compressive strength. It is known that the equations for estimating the modulus of elasticity of HSC in current codes, such as ACI 318, fib Model Code 2010 and Eurocode 2 are based on measured data on moisture-cured specimens. Due to the effect of the hydration temperature and the curing condition, moist-cured specimens may not be able to sufficiently represent the in-situ cured HSC in precast components and structures. Therefore the current code equations for HSC might be not suitable for estimating the modulus of elasticity of in-situ cured HSC. In this work, test data on the modulus of elasticity of HSC measured on two kinds of in-situ cured specimens, i.e., member- and temperature match-cured specimens, from various practical engineering projects are collected and compared with some selected code equations. It is found that current code equations provide some discrepancy when used for in-situ cured HSC. On the basis of the investigations, some new equations are proposed for better predicting the in-situ modulus of elasticity of HSC with considerations for precast applications.

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