Sustainable precast buildings in Australia

National Precast Concrete Association Australia

With the sizeable demand that buildings and construction have on our depleting global resources stock, the need for sustainable buildings and construction methods has never been more paramount. Over the last 10 years Australia has made some small inroads into producing more sustainable buildings and structures. Raising awareness of the benefits of sustainable construction has resulted in an increase in the market’s adoption of sustainable building solutions, but this has predominantly driven by industry leaders in major capital city developments. There is now growing acceptance by the leaders that sustainable construction makes financial sense, demonstrated by the fact that those who have adopted change are now realising the financial performance rewards. Recent regulatory changes are having an impact, however the full opportunities for sustainable construction in Australia are still to be realised and delivered in the decades ahead. This paper outlines developments in sustainable construction in Australia and the role that precast concrete has played. Further, it explores the sustainability challenges from the precast industry’s perspective and the opportunities that lay ahead both in Australia and abroad.

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