Seals firmly embedded in concrete as a significant quality factor in monolithic manhole bases ...

Schlüsselbauer Technology GmbH & Co KG, 4673 Gaspoltshofen, Austria

… from Werra-Baustoffwerk To manufacture completely watertight monolithic manhole bases and in doing so, reliably integrate a multitude of different pipe connections, was the requirement of those in charge at Werra-Baustoffwerk in Themar, Germany, on which they based the decision to invest in a new pro- duction line for manhole bases. Depending on the project requirements, around 20 different pipe connections must be created during man- hole production – including the most diverse channel geometries, resulting from the position and incline of the pipe connections. In addition to the watertightness of the components right in the pipe connection, the custom-made channel configuration, which constitutes optimum hydraulics in the manhole and thus the basis for long-lasting channel systems, is imperative for the quality of manhole bases. The Perfect production system developed by Schlüsselbauer Technology for precise-fitting manhole bases complies with the highly distinct quality awareness for precast concrete components in the region of Thuringia and therefore with the expectations of Werra-Baustoffe without reser- vations. Waste water associations, civil engineering departments, construction companies and engineering offices being responsible for planning and construction site supervision are equally convinced by single cast concrete components with integrated gaskets.

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