Mould-hardened or immediately demoulded – flexible manufacture of monolithic concrete manhole …

Wagener & Polascheck Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG, 33818 Leopoldshöhe, Germany

… bases at Unglehrt The building company founded in Memmingen in 1890 by master builder Franz Unglehrt quickly established itself on the market and has gone through a remarkable development in the past 120 years. The company, which was transformed into Unglehrt GmbH & Co. KG in 1979, is managed today in the 4th generation of enterprisers by Thomas and Jürgen Unglehrt. Apart from construction work, the name Unglehrt stands for quality concrete products. The Unglehrt concrete goods production facility presents itself impressively on an approx. 7 hectare works site in Bad Grönenbach in the midst of the supraregional Darast gravel quarrying area. The production range in this plant encompasses the manufacture of complete concrete manhole systems and the production of concrete paving, including gutters and edging stones. In addi- tion, numerous special articles are produced. In order to increase the profitability and quality of the production of individual concrete man- hole structures still further, Unglehrt recently put two new production lines from Colle S.p.a of Italy into operation. The new Unico production system, which is used at Unglehrt for both the casting and direct demoulding processes, now produces tailor-made monolithic concrete man- hole bases with variable channels and connections. The new Vibromatic 1000 is mainly used for the production of manhole rings and cones. With the new systems from Colle the company can respond much more flexibly and quickly to customer requirements and promptly deliver manhole bases even with complex connection geometries. Unglehrt implemented the project together with Wagener & Polascheck Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG from Leopoldshöhe, Germany. Wagener & Polascheck has been a reliable partner of the precast indus- try for over 30 years. One of the fields of activity of the concrete experts is to represent Colle S.p.a. in Germany, Austria, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Together with Colle and further cooperation partners, Wagener & Polascheck offers solutions for various production areas.

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