Multi-functional floor systems – The development of multi-functional floor systems needs to be...

Development of Flat Floors – Part 5

...advanced still further Experience in planning and carrying out preceding projects, plus customer requirements, has given impetus to various further developments. These developments relate to multi-functional floor systems in their entirety. This then includes advancing their differing subsections in line with their claim to being utilised as multi-functional floor systems. It concerns structural design issues such as the load-bearing capacity of large span floor panels with prestressing as well as improvements to the binding agent with the planned composite steel reinforced structures. One further aspect involves integrating technical building serv- ices components. The focus, here, is on optimising the installation and layout of ventilation ducts plus connecting them up to each storey’s distribution arrangement. The ability to control single pipe grids for individual rooms is also in need of enhancement, in particular, when sup- ply lines are not possible under the floor. Effective acoustic measures with sound-reflecting, thermo-active concrete floors are and will remain one of the main issues, if environmentally-friendly concrete core activation systems are to be combined harmoniously in future with the acoustic well-being of those using an office. Finally, as an attractive alternative to suspended floors, other options are needed for rigid, visible concrete floors with a view to making alterations at a later date. In the area of optional comfort elements, there is still a considerable need for development in order to be able to design these rigid concrete floors more flexibly for the future. Individual development stages will encompass new components, new systems as well as new manufacturing methods in precast facilities and improved assembly processes at construction sites. Indeed, even the overall process of planning and manufacturing a building struc- ture needs to be thought through again since active elements within a multi-functional floor system should work together as in a gear box, where one cogwheel meshes perfectly with another.

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