High-performance concrete with bonded joints

From the development to the application

In comparison with mechanical joints, bonded joints exhibit a more even distribution of force with fewer stress peaks. There is a wide range of applications, for example in the aviation industry, where many of the material joints are bonded. This is possible thanks to homogeneous material properties and high surface strengths. In construction, bonding is mainly restricted to tiles, slabs and system stones. Constructive bonds like those in timber construction are, apart from adhesive dowels, rather rare in concrete construction. Concrete is predominantly con- nected by means of connecting reinforcement or is mechanically connected. Apart from very high compressive and bending tensile strengths, high-performance concretes such as UHPC also exhibit large adhesive tensile strengths, which make bonded joints possible. The following article documents the development, from a trade fair exhibit (fig. 1) to an initial industrial application.

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