Increased efficiency in manufacture and improved product quality

Bouter Betonexport e.K., 77889 Seebach, Germany

Eifeler Betonbauteile GmbH from Hellenthal/Losheim has one well-known customer, Deutsche Bahn, that at the same time takes delivery of the major part of the concrete products the company produces. Eifeler manufactures concrete cable ducts, precast foundations, platform edges and supporting brackets at two production sites. These products are installed in the national network of the Federal German Railway - Deutsche Bahn. Others customers are, of course, also supplied with these types of products by Eifeler. However, Deutsche Bahn is without doubt this German company’s major customer. Eifeler previously relied on an egg-layer and a small stationary machine for manufacturing cable ducts and their appropriate covers, which have to be produced in very great numbers due to continual high demand. It was occasion- ally possible for bottlenecks to occur since the quantities needed were not always able to be covered in normal scheduled operations. Any potential undersupply has now been averted without problems on a permanent basis after commissioning a new stationary manufacturing system from Bouter-Krobo in the summer of last year.

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