Heating and cooling with thermo-active building systems harmonises ecology and economy

Thermo-active building systems – possibilities and development trends

Today, economy is the no. 1 planning criterion in office and commercial construction. In addition to that, user requirements for equipment, comfort and the interior climate are increasing. Today, energy-efficient heating and cooling systems are not just an option, but rather a fixed component of an economical building concept and thus of the successful marketing of modern properties. The Renewable Energies Heat Act in Germany has formulated concrete requirements for the use of renewable energies to cover the heating and cooling power requirements of buildings since 1 May 2011. The following article shows how the requirements for energy efficiency, econ- omy and acoustics in office and commercial construction are harmonised with thermo-active building systems and outlines the options pro- vided by thermo-active prestressed hollow-core slabs.

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