Transport and pouring of ready-mix concrete

Occupational health and safety in Germany

Apart from the financial damage for the company (approx. €450 per day of absence), all occupational accidents, in particular serious occu- pational accidents, cause above all human suffering for the persons affected and their families. In addition, each absence of employees results in the overloading of the available personnel and thus increases the danger of further accidents occurring. The appropriate organi- sation of occupational health and safety in the company is the top priority for the avoidance of occupational accidents. The employer alone bears the main responsibility for the organisation and control of work procedures. Accidents don’t happen – accidents are caused! This perception is an important prerequisite for the actions of the responsible persons in the company. The personal contribution of an employee to the occupational accident was not the only thing that led to its occurrence. Technical, organisational and staffing conditions influence the safety philosophy of a company enormously. Incorrect or inadequate equip- ment, errors in the organisation – from the planning to the execution of work to human failure due to routine, carelessness or distraction – lead to undesirable events at work. The best way to achieve safe workplaces is to identify and eliminate possible causes before something happens.

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