Nine-Year Test for Corrosion Protection ProvesBenefit of Additive in Concrete

ConShield Technologies Inc., Atlanta, 30318, USA

For precast manhole producers in Louisiana, corrosion prevention is a major consideration. In today’s depressed economy, cities are forced to stretch their budgets and select the most cost-effective products. This means selecting products with the longest performance for the least cost! The concrete industry is forced more and more frequently to compete with alternative products such as plastic and fiberglass and these producers emphasize the susceptibility to corrosion of unprotected concrete in sanitary sewer environments. In fact, these producers commonly encourage wastewater design engineers to specify expensive coating and plastic linings for concrete pipe and manholes in order to force higher, non-competitive prices for concrete pipe and manholes. Such was the case in Louisiana until precast producers discovered the benefits of adding the ConmicShield® into their concrete mix at the plant allowing them to reduce costs, improve productivity and avoid field repairs.

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