Innovation is the solution

MixDesign, Cj. 1404 – Barueri, Brazil

With a shortage of fine aggregates for high performance concrete, and a greater demand for these special concretes, the company MixDesign studied new alternatives for their preparation. The possibility of using materials easily found and theoretically "discarded" for not having specific features to satisfy the specifications of the project is a good example of how we can find solutions for the production of economically viable and sustainable concrete. In 2002 the National Council for the Environment-Conama was created, which establishes guidelines, criteria and procedures for the management of construction waste. With this important regulatory tool, we are further encouraged to pursue options for the preparation of concrete and to meet the requirements of standards and the technical needs of structural designers with new solutions.

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MixDesign Alameda Madeira, 162 Cj. 1404 – Barueri, Brazil Tecnosil Silica Ativa Rua Américo Simões, 119ª Bairro São Roque da Chave, Itupeva, SP – Brazil T +55 11 4591 2078, F +55 11 4593 1593,


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