Permanent traffic areas with concrete pavements in Germany

Betonverband Strasse, Landschaft, Garten e. V. (SLG), 53179 Bonn, Germany

Pavements have a far larger share in municipal and private traffic area surfacings in Germany than other types of surfacing, e.g. asphalt or cast-in-place concrete surfacings. This is attributable in particular to the creative variety with which pavers can be used, but also to a series of structural advantages. Concrete pavers have the most advantages and have therefore had by far the largest market share for many years. Knowledge of the recognised technical rules and their application is an indispensable prerequisite if damage to paving is to be avoided. This applies in equal measure to the planning, the invitation to tender, the selection and determination of the building materials to be used and the construction. Paving must be manufactured taking into consideration the local conditions, the expected traffic loads and the envisaged period of use. This article describes the regular manufacture of pavements with concrete pavers. It deals exclusively with the regular method of construction valid in Germany, i.e. execution with unbound bedding and unbound joint filler.

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